fbpx Did you know that returning customers spend about 2/3 more more than first-time customers? So after you’ve managed to get both new and returning customers into your shoe store, you should be focusing on how to keep them coming back for more purchases in the future. As a footwear retailer, there are three things you can do to help build loyal shoppers:

1. Be Personal

Personalizing someone’s shopping experience is a great way to make them feel special. When your customers enter your store, greet them by first name (if possible) and ask them how they’re doing and if you can help them find anything particular. If you can, pull up their customer profile at your point of sale and see what kind of information you can find. You can look up their purchase history or see if you made any notes about their last visit. Perhaps they purchased a pair of shoes for a party – you can use this information to your advantage and ask them how they worked out!

2. Be Real

No one likes a sales-y salesperson. So when you’re talking to your customers, make sure your sales pitch sounds genuine and not scripted. Be an active listener and find out what your customer wants and needs. Help them find what they’re looking for, and if appropriate, share your opinions with them. This lets them know that you are there not only to sell them something, but also to help them find something that looks and feels best. The more sincere you are, the better relationship you will build with your customers.

3. Go Above and Beyond

Excellent customer service is remembered and brings customers back to your store time after time. Go the extra mile to make sure you exceed your customers’ expectations and make them happy. Make your customers feel special the moment they walk through the door. Let them know about your discounts or surprise them with something special when they check out – perhaps a free pair of socks to go with their new shoes! Provide your customers with a positive and memorable experience and remember that the customer is always right. Want to learn about how RICS can help you manage your shoe store? Click here!