fbpx The shopping hype from Thanksgiving to Christmas is undeniable in the retail world. It’s like an intoxicating rush of constant business that some retailers aren’t able to mimic the rest of the year. Even after schools are back in session and shopping seems to dwindle, there’s still plenty of opportunity to keep customers coming back to your store. So how do you keep the wave of shoppers rushing into your store after the holiday season has passed? Check out some of our tips for keeping customers excited about shopping at your store!
  1. Continue promotions into the New Year.
Sales and promotions are always no-brainers when you’re trying to beat out your competition and get shoppers in your store during the holiday season. But what about after all the holiday decorations disappear into storage? What tactics are you using to continue the hype around shopping in your store? Bank holidays are an excellent example of times when retailers can still have huge shopping days. Days like Martin Luther King Jr. Day and President’s Day often see lots of people off of school and work, meaning they are out and about. Consider having special promotions on these days to get foot traffic back in your store and keep customers engaged. Shoppers may be exchanging or returning items, or may have found themselves with some extra cash and gift cards from the holiday season. Give them a reason to spend that money in your store with a simple promotion!
  1. Thank your customers.
Did your customers come in and buy a product for themselves or for someone else before the holiday season was over? Send them a thank you reward that they can use after the New Year. Consider shooting out a thank you email to anyone who purchased from you in November and December. In the email, include a special coupon, percentage off, or another incentive that they can only use in January. Large companies do promotions like this all the time, and customers almost always come back to use their bonus on another product they had their eyes on. Even if Christmas is over, it’s never too late to send your customers a thank you. Trust us, they’ll never complain about receiving a coupon!
  1. Hype up new products.
Chances are, you might be stocking a few new products for the New Year. Make sure you sufficiently market them to your clients before they hit your shelves. You’re an expert at knowing your clients, so you already know they’ll want whatever new items you’re bringing in. Send out email promotions and make sure to start talking about the new products that will be coming soon to clients who are in your stores now. Jump on the ‘new year, new you’ bandwagon and hype up your new products as a way to get back on track after the holiday season. Whether you’re selling shoes, clothes, or workout gear, it makes people feel good to buy new products. So why shouldn’t they buy yours? These are just a few ideas for keeping customers coming in your door even after the merriment of the holiday season has passed. Stay tuned for monthly updates on retail holidays you can take advantage of to get customers through your store’s door!