fbpx As a retailer, you are most focused on how your inventory is performing, as you should be. But another important metric you should be tracking is employee performance. You may not realize the impact they have on your overall sales. When you have the proper technology in place, this isn’t a metric you have to make assumptions about because you have the data to tell you you exactly how each salesperson is performing. By having this knowledge, you can be strategic in how you schedule and train employees. For example, if you have Bob, a lower performing employee, working during peak hours, it might be smart to have Jessica, the top salesperson, give him some pointers or swap their schedules. You also can stop paying employees when you don’t need them. Why have 3 people working at times when business is slow? If you have an inventory management system in place, you should be able to pull the following reports to get insight into how your employees are performing. For more information about motivating employees based on their performance, check out our free guide.