fbpx With the warm weather seeming as though it is finally here to stay, more and more people are wanting to spend time outside. As a retailer, how will you compete against the beautiful weather and get shoppers to step inside your store? You should consider having a sidewalk sale! Here are some quick and easy tips to make your sidewalk sale a smashing success:
  1. Pick a traditionally warm-weathered weekend. Although you can never perfectly predict the weather, it would be ideal to have your sidewalk sale on a day that is historically warm and ideally rain-free.
  2. Spread the word. Make sure you market your event and let your customers and non-customers alike know about your big day. Check out this free guide to learn how.
  3. Pump up the volume. On the day of your sale, you’ll want to make sure people notice you. Play some summertime music or even have live band!
  4. Have an “attractor factor.” You’ll definitely attract a crowd if you have something like a cotton candy machine, popcorn machine, or even a bounce house. You can even be a little more low key by having bubbles, sprinklers, or balloons. Invite people to bring their dogs by!
  5. Offer drinks and snacks. A little food can go a long way to make for a happy shopper!
  6. Offer great merchandise at low prices. The most important part of your sidewalk sale is having great deals that will make people want to purchase. Half the battle is getting people to your sale, but equally important is having people buy. Make sure you’re offering irresistible deals!
Happy planning and good luck. Now go enjoy the nice weather!