fbpx So you decided to open a new (or an additional) store, but how are you going to get the word out? In order to have a successful grand opening, you’ll have to make people feel curious and excited about your store. But the question is, how do you evoke those emotions in others? What are the steps you need to take in order to have a grand opening? According to Dave Carter of The Store Starters, “Pulling off a successful grand opening also involves detailed preparation along with creative promotion in order to produce your opening in ‘grand style.'” Here’s how to get started:

1. Book a date

Take some time to figure out a day and time that would most benefit your business. When do people normally shop for your store’s product? What day of the week? During the day or night? You’ll also want to keep in mind when other holidays are events are occurring, because you probably won’t want to compete with an already-established event on the same date. Some stores have their grand openings 1-2 weeks after their doors open to make sure they’ve worked out any kinks and issues in the store.

2. Create Awareness and Excitement

Start telling your friends, family, community, social networks, neighbors, and anyone else you can think of about your new store and its grand opening. And then convince them to spread the word to their respective networks. Be sure to tell everyone about all of the great things your store will offer, and any fun activities, discounts, samples, or prizes you plan on having on your big day.

3. Build Relationships

Grand openings are a perfect opportunity and reason to build relationships and partner with local businesses, community groups, local politicians, and the press. Building partnerships with other stores in your area is a great way to attract new and more customers – plus you and your partner will both benefit!

4. Promote Your Event

After creating awareness about your grand opening by spreading the word throughout your networks, you’ll want to market and advertise for the big event. You could do some promotions by advertising online, on the radio, in the newspaper, posting flyers, or mailing postcards. You could also do things like sidewalk chalk advertising or email marketing campaigns to save some money.

5. Prepare for the Day-Of & Execute!

Do something big and crazy! Organize a flash mob, hire live entertainment, have a ribbon-cutting ceremony, provide food and beverages, make it a party! No matter what you decide to do, take lots of pictures and share them on social media platforms to encourage others to pop into your store and see what all the buzz is about. Good luck!