fbpx When you find a solution that will increase efficiency among your employees and make your business run more smoothly, it’s hard to pass that up. But sometimes the hardest part about change in your business is getting other members of your team on board. If your team isn’t willing to change their workflow, you may not get the same benefits out of a new system that you would if they were excited for the switch. So how do you convince your team you’re making a move that will make their jobs easier (and your business better)? Check out a few tips that can help get you and your team on the same page.

Commit at a leadership level

Before you can convince the rest of your employees to be excited about a switch, you need to be excited about the switch yourself. Make sure you and any stakeholders in your business are on board before you take it to your employees. Take the time to learn about what makes the new system so great, and regularly talk about the improvements it can make to show your team you’re all in.

Identify new opportunities

Show your team all the new possibilities you’ll have with a new system. If employees started collecting more data from the customers, you could invest time in more targeted marketing campaigns. These campaigns could increase customer traffic, giving your employees more opportunities to upsell and increase their commission.

Set timely goals

Make sure that goals are within sight. When you set goals that can only be measured after a year of having the new technology, it makes it hard to convince your team that they are really reaping the benefits. Set goals that can be measured quickly and keep your team updated on the progress of these goals. Interested in learning more about getting your employees on board for a change? Check out our full guide on Overcoming the Fear of Change.