fbpx As the holidays approach, retailers always become more interested in how they can get their products in front of more of their customers. When thinking about getting in front of more clients, creating an ecommerce platform becomes top of mind. But as many retailers know, getting started with ecommerce isn’t just putting pictures of products on a website. There’s a lot more that goes into getting up and running. So if you’re interested in setting up an online offering, here’s how to get started.

Contact your account manager at RICS

At RICS, we fully support our retailers expanding their business to sell more. But when it comes to integrations, we want to make sure you find the right solution for you. We’ll work with you to find an ecommerce solution that fits your budget and can help you reach your goals. Check out this post from one of our account managers that breaks down how we can help you evaluate an ecommerce solution.

Start planning out your ecommerce site

Having a plan before you move straight into launching a website will not only make you more successful, but it will also make the project more manageable. Lay out a plan for what products you’ll sell, what content you’ll use on your website, and how you’ll start promoting your online presence. Check out our Getting Started with Ecommerce guide for more information on how to get your site up and running. When it comes to expanding your business online, you want to make sure you pick a partner that is cost efficient and helps you increase your profitability. Talking with RICS and making a plan before moving forward with ecommerce can help you avoid costly mistakes. Interested in speaking with someone about ecommerce? Reach out to our account managers at: accounts@ricssoftware.com to start the conversation.