fbpx Retailers everywhere are finding the value in taking their successful brick and mortar businesses online. But how do you translate Mainstreet success into getting started with ecommerce? There are a few steps you should take before just throwing up some of your products online to make more money.  

Getting Started with Ecommerce: Research the Solutions.

You’ll need to start by researching solutions that can handle the online section of your business. Work with your POS provider to help you find:
  1. An ecommerce partner that is easy to operate, affordable and compatible with your POS and inventory management technology.
  2. An ecommerce platform that offers full-service backend capabilities.
  3. An online payment provider that offers secure transactions, competitive pricing and compatibility with selected partner and platform.

Plan what products you’ll sell online.

Not every piece of your inventory should make it into your online store. Instead, consider starting off with the products that you know are in high demand. Pull a report for your top selling products year over year from your inventory management system to find the products that are consistently hitting the top of the list.

Write Copy and Populate Your Website

Your platform may have helped you implement your new product pages (and if you’re lucky, any other content you needed). If not, try to get familiar with how the new site works and then start creating content for your home, about us, contact, and product pages. Once you’ve created and uploaded content for these pages, you’re ready to start marketing your site to your customers using social media, email newsletters, and traditional mailers. Offering an ecommerce solution to your customers is a great way to expand your market and increase sales. But it’s important to create an effective and manageable plan for executing your online store.