fbpx Having moved to Indianapolis four days before starting at RICS, I was ready to jump right in. The time leading up to my first day was spent frantically unpacking, building an Ikea bed, meeting my fellow Orr fellows at onboarding, and celebrating my 22nd birthday. Nothing says it’s time to grow up like moving to a new city, starting your first job, and turning one year older, all in the same week! I was ready to face the real world. While I was feeling a little anxious before getting to the Bunker on Monday, my first day was even better than I could ask for! I was warmly welcomed by my coworkers on the marketing team, handed a new laptop, and some RICS apparel. I quickly picked up on the friendly, relaxed culture that RICS has. It made me excited that I was going to be working with people that I would also be friends with. After meeting with Betsy and learning about RICS as a whole, the two members from the marketing team that weren’t out of town joined in to talk about the marketing team’s structure and goals for 2015. Although I wasn’t getting the typical onboarding experience due to some absences in the office, it worked for me! It was clear that RICS has seen a lot of changes in the last few years, which makes it a fast-paced and dynamic environment. I definitely had a lot of questions about all of the specific marketing terms and abbreviations, but quickly caught on. The more I learned about the team and the types of projects they work on, the more excited I was to get started! The four of us took a lunch break and enjoyed a delicious meal at Taste, where we were able to have conversations that didn’t revolve around work. On returning, I explored the impressive website and familiarized myself further about what RICS does. All in all, it was a very smooth first day and I was eager to come back the following day. While I still wasn’t entirely sure about what my role would consist of, it was clear that my colleagues were going to be a positive part of my experience at RICS.