fbpx When evaluating RICS as your potential inventory management solution, one area not to overlook is the four service level tiers that are currently offered. RICS offers a Limited, Standard, Professional, and Elite level of service that are all options available to every RICS client. Without getting into the details of each service level offering, I want to highlight the role of the Account Manager that comes into play when a client signs up to take advantage of the Professional or Elite service packages that RICS offers. When a RICS client signs up for the Professional or Elite package, the client will gain access to a single point of contact to help guide them through the transition process of moving over to RICS. A single point of contact can be essential as we have often found that our biggest competitor in the inventory management market is not Company X or Company Z, but rather the fear of change. A RICS Account Manager can help ease that fear of change through the strategic process created by RICS Executive team. This strategic process begins with an introductory call as soon as the clients sign up to the Professional or Elite Level. From there, the clients enters the onboarding process in which the Account Manager will be a part of each training session, again allowing for a single point of contact to document, understand, and address any concerns that come up as the organization transitions to using RICS. Furthermore, during your transition, the RICS Account Manager will have eight strategic checkpoints to help further educate and discuss best practices for the client to understand and potentially implement as their go-live date approaches. Once live with RICS, the RICS Account Manager will continue monthly checkpoints, offering additional strategic tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your RICS system. This Professional or Elite level of service comes to the client in addition to our RICS Standard level of support, currently offered 9:00 am – 9:00 pm EST. This additional line of support is valuable because the RICS Account Manger can help escalate enhancements or issues and provide a more in-depth understanding of current symptoms your organization could be experiencing. After using RICS for a few months is great time to review some of the current processes in place with your account manager. Whether you are a brand new store using the RICS system or you’ve been around for 30 years and have just recently made the transition, it is always beneficial to review current processes with the RICS Account Manager (e.g. Frequent Buyer Program, Mailing Lists, Customer Information Gathering, etc.). Reviewing these processes can allow for greater efficiency inside your organization that can enable you to become more profitable. RICS is a tool that enables retailers to manage their inventory in an efficient way that allows them to save time and money and become more profitable. With the assistance of a RICS Account Manager, the value of RICS can be realized faster than our Limited or Standard service offerings. Want to learn more? Visit www.ricssoftware.com or give us a call at 800.654.3123.