fbpx As an ecommerce retailer, it is essential that you are actively using social media to promote your store. In this day and age, people are constantly on social media, whether they are using it for communicating, shopping, to find information, etc. Because Millennials have such a strong influence over retail businesses by holding the spending power, they dictate how they want to shop. For most Millennials, the best way to reach them is through social media. Did you know that “Nearly three quarters of Millennials age 19-32 say they are more influenced in their buying decisions by social media recommendations than TV ads?” (Marketing Profs). You want to make sure you can be in front of them where they might notice you. If your retail store, ecommerce or not, doesn’t have a social media presence, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to sell. Social media is most likely a huge driver of traffic to your ecommerce site, so take advantage of being able to market your store. Some other important benefits of using social media include: There are many advantages to using social media that will make your ecommerce store more successful. If you are interested in tips for using Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, check out this blog post.