fbpx Participating in the ecommerce channel of retail sales is something many existing retailers aspire to do. Is it a good idea?  Yes. Is that because you will be the next Zappos or Amazon?  Probably not. However, if done thoughtfully and with consideration of what the true costs and benefits are, you can create another channel for selling your merchandise and provide another aspect of fantastic customer service to your customers. Many independent retailers out there have created success by building a reputation centered on selection and service.  The great in-store service they expect from you is exemplified from you allowing them to now shop from you online whenever it fits in their schedule.  The convenience to order that product online and then run into the store to exchange or make additional purchases is just another reason they come back again and again. So what does it take to get started? First off, you don’t want to create more work for yourself than you have to.  You need an ecommerce solution that is integrated with your POS.  This will allow you to process transactions through a shopping cart on your website and seamlessly record those transaction through the same system you’re using in your store right now.  The end result is you don’t manually process a sales transaction and you maintain the great analytics on the performance of your ecommerce inventory. You don’t want to utilize a solution that confines you to only one website platform or shopping cart.  Just like you don’t want to use a POS solution that forces you to work with only one credit card processor.  RICS software is compatible with multiple shopping carts and website platforms through our web development partners and can also serve you as the POS you’re using in your store.  You will be able to maintain accurate information on how well your inventory turns, what ROI you’re getting on a class or even specific inventory item, and make smart data-driven decisions about what offerings you want to extend online. RICS has developed compatibility with eBay and Amazon through our web development partners that is allowing our retailers to participate in some of the largest 3rd party ecommerce sites currently in play. It’s really is important to consider the various aspects of an ecommerce for your current business.  Remember the website platform, the shopping cart, and your inventory management solutions should all work together so you can continue to grow your operation and have a scalable solution. RICS is ready to help you tie it all together and be ready to make more money and serve your customers well.  We’ll be happy to show you how!