fbpx You’re all in on omnichannel selling, you’ve set up a website to show off your products, and you may have even started a blog to engage your customers. But now that it’s all said and done, you’re having a little trouble coming up with topics you can write about that will excite and captivate your customers. So what are different things you can write about that are both pertinent to what you’re selling and helpful to your customers? Read on for a few easy ways to curate content for your retail blog.

Featured Products

A great way to create a short, meaningful post is to discuss the latest featured product. Whether this product is a new model from a brand, or a product your store is running a special on, it’s important to let your customers know about it.

Expert Advice

Use your blog to write about ways and places your customers can use your products. Are you a specialty running store? Share training plans on your blog, and highlight how many miles the average shoe can withstand before it needs to be replaced. You’ve introduced your customers to all of the reasons they need your product, but also provided them with information that will enhance their use of your product.


Similar to expert advice, checklists give you an opportunity to showcase your expertise. A specialty running store understands what runners need for race day. And if you have a customer who is running their first race, this is a great way to help them itemize what they have and what they still need.

Community Engagement

Customers like to see stores they love involved in the community. Whether you sponsor sports teams, offer summer ‘fun runs,’ or sponsor local athletes in local races, let your customers know. Do an interview with one of your sponsored runners that discusses their go-to products and training methods.


Highlighting your upcoming events is always an easy blog post. Discuss store events you’re hosting, campaigns and sales you’re going to have, and any holiday hours your customers need to know about. This encourages customers to come into your store and build a stronger relationship with you. To learn more about making your online experience better for your customers, check out our guide to Creating a Better Ecommerce Experience.