fbpx We all have our favorite places to shop. Whether it is because the sales associate remembers what you like to purchase, the store manager greets you by name, or the staff go above and beyond to meet your needs, we have places that we will return to time and time again because of the way we are treated as a customer. In reverse, we try to provide that same level of service to our customers. We diligently educate and train our staff to be proactive and friendly, we train our managers to implement loyalty programs and perks for our returning customers and constantly strategize on how to create the best customer experience. And sometimes, despite best efforts, the customer experience is less than ideal. The product might not be in stock, the customer was given the wrong or damaged item or an associate was short or unhelpful. Having the right strategy to address unhappy customers is extremely important. Just as important as any other approach to gaining and maintaining a customer’s loyalty. Businesses who can retain and satisfy their customers when things don’t go well, will gain an even more loyal following. At RICS, we have put serious thought into the resources needed to support our clients when you have questions, need additional education, or are having difficulty. First, our Support Team is available 9am-9pm EST, seven days a week. They are experts on our software and are here to provide information, guide you through the product, address issues, and help find a resolution should a problem arise. While we do our best to maintain a stable product, occasionally a problem may arise and it is our number one priority to help resolve it as quickly as possible. The Account Management Team is another resource, dedicated to our clients and advocating on their behalf to ensure the organization is aware of their wants and needs as RICS continues to build and improve its product. The Account Management Team is the voice of the client inside of RICS. They are a resource for additional education and a point of escalation when a problem comes up. While RICS is here to help you grow your customer base and their loyalty, we want to gain yours by creating an excellent experience no matter what the interaction may be.  For more help, please contact the Support Team at help@ricssoftware.com or the Account Management Team at accounts@ricssoftware.com.