fbpx Staying connected with your community through the right customer communication channels (email, text, social, etc.) has become more important than ever in the retail industry. To effectively resonate with, attract, and retain customers, retailers must stay engaged with relevant and consistent marketing content. The businesses that effectively communicate to their customers and target audience will maximize their revenue potential. For this reason, RICS has partnered and integrated with Chatterspot, an automated marketing solution, to empower our retailers to act upon their data.

RICS and Chatterspot: Helping you build a community using the right customer communication channels.

This integration will enable retailers to use data stored in RICS to segment and target customers with personalized and relevant messages, increasing sales and creating loyal customers. Within the Chatterspot solution, retailers can build automated campaigns to communicate with their customers through several channels. This will ensure the right message gets to the customer at the right time. For example, retailers can announce store sales, new products from the brands customers love, and send notifications to customers when it is time for a new pair of shoes. RICS is excited about the value retailers will realize through automated email and text marketing campaigns that are informed by the customer and purchase information that is collected and stored in RICS. The possibilities for personalized and pertinent marketing communication are endless. To learn more about this integration and how to get started, contact the RICS Accounts team at accounts@ricssoftware.com!