Does your POS and inventory management system control your credit card processing too? Are your processing rates too high because of it? Some “more affordable” systems require a certain credit card processor where they sky rocket the rates to offset the cheaper POS pricing and get a kick back from the processor. Your POS/inventory management system shouldn’t make the decision on who processes your credit cards. Flexibility, freedom, and the right to have a choice should always be an option with any technology provider. With RICS, you get just that. You get more than a POS and inventory management system, you get a partner that truly cares about helping you run the best business you can. Not only can we help with the most important part of your business with managing your inventory, but RICS works with most processors. We have the flexibility to allow you to process your credit cards as an integrated or non-integrated solution. Both options will also allow you to choose who you work with when it comes to credit card processing.  If you decided to go with an integrated solution, RICS works with 3 different gateways to handle the communication from the POS to the processor. Two of the gateways, Shift4 and SlimCD can work with most processors out there. The third gateway, OpenEdge, is actually a combination of a gateway and processor combined. Don’t let your credit card processor manage your inventory. Choose RICS and let the processor do what it’s supposed to do. Check out our other technology partners and integrations here.