fbpx Earlier this week, our marketing team spent the afternoon at Athletic Annex, a specialty running store located in Broad Ripple neighborhood of Indianapolis.  We met with a few members of the Athletic Annex team to see how we could work together to better promote both RICS and Athletic Annex to the public. Athletic Annex has two locations in Indianapolis, with the Broad Ripple location opening up within the last year. The Broad Ripple store is located right on the Monon Trail, making it very accessible to runners and walkers alike.They also always provide free water for everyone who passes by on the trail. Because of the convenient location, many people in the local community are able to enjoy the various events and activities that are sponsored by Athletic Annex such as: training programs, running groups, strength conditioning groups, 5ks and fun runs, concerts, and more! Click here to see all of the great events that Athletic Annex has to offer. If you haven’t been to the Broad Ripple location yet, I highly recommend it. The setup of the store is very cozy and definitely one of a kind. When you walk into the house (yes, a house), you’ll notice comfortable couches in front of a fireplace, where you’ll often see groups meeting before their runs. You’ll also find plenty of water bottles and different forms of fuel available for purchase if you need them for a long run or race. They have another room that is set up like a bedroom where you can find all of their best selling athletic apparel, shoes, socks, and headbands. Our team couldn’t resist making a few purchases when we were there! If you can’t make it to their Broad Ripple location, you can also find Athletic Annex at 86th and Ditch Road, or you can shop online here. We’re really looking forward to working with Athletic Annex and attending some of their events this summer!