fbpx Located in Seymour, IN, The Fitted Foot was opened in 2006 by Dr. Walter Warren in conjunction with his podiatry practice. His clients come into his practice for their appointments and leave through the retail store, driving business to the store and enabling his clients to purchase pedorthic solutions in the same convenient location. When I visited the store on Friday, Terry Nichalson, the manager, provided some more insight into how they operate. The business can be split up into three main categories: Terry uses RICS to manage sales, inventory, ordering, and employees. A typical day  in the store goes as follows:
  1. Close out from the day before
  2. Run POS Journal, POS Special Orders, Salesperson Analysis reports
  3. Ring sales
  4. Generate purchase orders using RICS
  5. Run inventory reports
The Fitted Foot experienced 20% growth last year, and will be opening a new store in Columbus, IN within the next year. Want to learn more? Take a look at their case study.