fbpx Technology has armed consumers with apps that compare prices and tools for research and purchasing; but consumers still want to see, touch, and try products before they purchase. Does your store give people a reason to spend their money in-store? Here are some areas on which to focus:
    1. Customer Service One of the singularly most important aspects of your business is taking care of the customer. If the customer leaves happy, they are more likely to come back and spend more. Online can’t have the same, personal touch.
    2. Take Care of Your Employees Happy employees give better customer service. They are the face of your store for good or bad, and their emotions bleed into every interaction. Give employees a reason to be excited to come to work. Make them proud to be part of your store.
    3. Make Visiting Your Store an Experience Make your store a destination. Keep the layout simple, logically, and flexible, and don’t make shoppers work hard to find what they want. Offer events and deals that online can’t match.
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