fbpx We recently held our 6th annual Bunker Chili Cook-Off and decided to open it up to soups and stews as well! With two categories, we had the taste testers vote for their favorite chili and favorite soup/stew. There were many delicious options, with 5 chilis in the running and 2 soups! Congratulations to Patrick Miller, our Solution Consultant, for winning the chili contest and Aaron Randall, one of our Business Development Managers, for cooking up a delicious Cauliflower Smoked Gouda soup. Check  out pictures below from our fun event! Chili Cook Off 5Chili Cook Off 3Chili Cook Off 1 Has your store considered organizing some kind of cook-off? You could have your shoppers participate, or use it as an internal bonding activity! A strong company culture is contagious. When your employees are happy, your shoppers notice and have a more positive shopping experience. What are you doing to promote a supportive, fun working environment? At RICS, we recently implemented a Culture Committee. We meet monthly to plan all-company events to encourage cross-functional bonding and employee engagement. While your store employees probably work more closely together on a regular basis, it is good to get out of the regular work routine and do a group activity. We are looking forward to getting off-site as a company and volunteering or going bowling. It always a nice change of pace and a great way to connect with your co-workers on a more personal level. The workplace, whether an office or a store, should be a fun place!