fbpx As retailers prepare to navigate shopper expectations in 2017, it’s no secret that winning customer loyalty is a top priority. It costs retailers 5-10 times more to bring in a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one. Not only that, but returning customers spend 67% more on average than first-time visitors. So how can you stay top of mind for your customers and win their loyalty? Check out these 3 easy ways that can help you impress your customers.

Reward loyal customers

Frequent buyer and reward programs are a big hit with shoppers. But how do your programs differentiate you from your competitors? Implement a yearly reward for your top shoppers. Pull a list of your top 100 customers and send them a $20 gift card they can use in stores in the next 2 months. Not only are you showing you pay attention to customers who show you brand loyalty, but you’re also getting them to come back into the store and potentially spend more.

Say thank you

A great way to stand out in a sea of competitive retailers is to actually thank your customers. Sure, you probably say thank you when they’re making the purchase, but what about thanking them for being a customer between sales? If you’re a small business, consider sending a hand written thank you to new customers (who’s information you’ve collected). Don’t have addresses or have too many customers to send out thank you cards? Consider a thank you email. An email thanking customers for joining your ‘family’ this year can go a long way with customers!

Give back to the community

Customers, millennials especially, enjoy spending money with brands who have a cause they believe in. Whether your store sponsors a family every year for the holidays or hosts an in-store event where all proceeds go to your favorite local charity, these are things you should share with your customers. Send out a flyer or email telling your customers about the events you’re doing to give back. Obviously the point of giving back isn’t to win new customers, but it never hurts to let your customers know that when they support your business, they’re also supporting a local cause. Customer loyalty is becoming increasingly important for retailers. Showing your customers you appreciate them and that you appreciate their commitment to you as a local business is a great way to leave a lasting impression on them! Interested in more ways to drive customer loyalty? Check out our webinar on Increasing Sales by Driving Customer Loyalty.