fbpx When it comes to marketing to your customers, personalization is key. But many retailers are struggling with how to bring personalization to their shoppers’ in-store and online experiences. In a retail world where you collect customer data, how do you use that data to turn numbers into personalization? Here are three tips that can help you deliver a tailored experience to your shoppers.

Create tags for events

If you’re a running store, you see a lot of shoppers looking to create a better race day experience for themselves. Use that information to create groups in your POS where you can tag customers. Set up training groups for the different races and use those tags to deliver personalized marketing to those shoppers. Is it the week before one of the group’s races? Send out an email inviting them in to pick up a free race bag and use their past purchases to influence what samples you put in the race bag.

New product alert

Using past purchases to target customers is a great way to show them you know what products they like. Many products see new versions released each year. Take advantage of a new product launch to get customers back into your store. Use purchase history to send a discount code to customers who have purchased that line in the past. Customers can use the discount on the newest product, but also encourage them to take advantage of the mark downs on the previous version.

In-store Events

Instead of just letting customers know about a new product via email, invite them to a private preview event. At the event, show them the newest model and offer a discount to those shoppers on the old product. In-store events are a great way to spend a little more time getting to know your customers and show them that you want to offer them an experience they can’t get anywhere else. You’re rewarding them by offering a first look at the newest model, but also showing them you pay attention to the products that interest them. Learn more about using your data to market to your customers with our Guide to Marketing with Your POS.