Markups & Markdowns: Effective retail markdown strategy

Markdowns. Many consider this a dirty word in the retail industry. The truth is, cash flow is dependent on an effective markdown strategy. All good retailers are in the business of marking down old, low-selling inventory to make room for new inventory that will sell. View

Drive Profits With Customer Data

Staying in front of your customers and delivering them the right message at the right time is a crucial part of winning repeat business. How can delight your customers and keep them coming back? View

Making Your Inventory Work for You

As a business owner, you’re constantly checking your bottom line. One of the biggest struggles you may face today is increasing your cash flow. But are you keeping track of the factors that are affecting that number? Register to learn more. View

Exploit In-Store Data

With consumer shopping habits and in-store expectations constantly changing, how can you keep your customers loyal to your store? View

Understanding and Using Data to Increase Profits

Lacking the right technology to help you compile, store, analyze, and report on your data can be detrimental to growing business. Data analysis allows business owners to react to trends and capitalize on growth opportunities. View

Using Data to Optimize Your Markdown Strategy

Markdowns are a healthy part of retail. So why do so many retailers shudder at the thought of marking down products? Inventory only has a 60-90-day shelf-life. If you don’t turn inventory in that time, it is probably costing you money. View

Using Data to Make Moves in a Bad Economy

Learn how pulling, analyzing, and using both business and customer data can shape the decisions you’re making about the inventory you’re buying, how much you’re buying, and even how and when you’re selling it. View