Workwear-Best Way to Display Inventory

Place seasonal items and new inventory in hot spots

Showcase your newest merchandise and seasonal products in your store’s most popular spots. Use heat-mapping techniques to determine your store’s prime locations and consider displaying seasonal inventory there. Because that inventory has a shorter shelf-life, you will want to sell it all before the season ends. You can also catch your shoppers’ attention by having a display dedicated to your newest workwear.

Organize your store by profession

When it comes to your workwear store, you want to make sure your inventory is well-organized and easy to find. Because you may carry a variety of field-specific workwear, you want to keep it separated, so that it is clear for shoppers to find what they are on a mission for. There’s a good chance a lot of your inventory is irrelevant to the average shopper because they are looking for workwear specific to their industry or profession. Clear signage will help direct your customers to exactly where they need to be.

Place add-ons and accessories by the dressing rooms

By placing add-ons and accessories by the dressing rooms, your shoppers can try on additional merchandise to complete their look. Whether it’s gloves, socks, belts, or watches, keep add-on items accessible and obvious so customers can try them on and consider purchasing them. Most of these add-on items should be useful to all of your shoppers, regardless of their profession.

Don’t display too much inventory

Keep your store clutter-free by not storing too much on the floor. You don’t want to overwhelm your shoppers by the amount of inventory you have. Be sure to display your inventory in a neat and organized fashion by using racks, wall space, and tables. As long as you have a few of each item on the floor, keep the excess inventory in the back so your shoppers have space to check out what you have to offer.

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