When searching for a new POS and inventory management system for your workwear store, you want to find a system that will work as hard as you do. You need more than just software, you need a solution that can keep up with your customer’s needs and is proven to help you sell more, save time, and increase profit. With RICS, we’ve built a solution that continues to help workwear retailers grow their business and exceed their business goals.

Check out a few features that make RICS the right fit for your workwear store.

Point of Sale

Collects data and customer information

Get to know your customers even when they are short on time. RICS POS allows you to collect your customer’s information during checkout. Even if your customers are on a quick run to pick up safety goggles or replacement shoelaces, you can still collect basic information from them without taking too much of their time. Every detail about a client you can collect will only help you deliver a more tailored experience to your customers.

Ring Sales Offline

RICS point of sale is easy to learn and use. Because you hire and train new employees often, especially during the holidays, you want a system that doesn’t require a lot of training time.


Real-time data

When it comes to running your business, speed matters. Making the right decisions for your business quickly can make a huge impact on your success. With RICS, you have the ability to see your data in real time, so you’ll never be left wondering how your store is performing. Running low on your most popular work boots? You’ll be able to restock your products as they sell, so you’ll never find yourself out of stock.

Automate purchase orders

When working with a POS and inventory management system, you want to be able to create processes that save you time. With RICS, you can automate purchase orders for your most popular products. Use your inventory data to forecast sales so you can order products accordingly, ensuring you’ll always have the right products at the right time for your customers.


Employee performance:

See which of your sales associates are selling the most inventory. Use this feature to know which of your employees might need some extra sales training. The more invested your employees are in your boutique, the more they will sell!

Frequent Buyer/Loyalty Program:

Know which customers are your most frequent buyers and be sure to reward them. Offering loyalty or frequent buyer programs is a win-win situation. You are satisfying your customer and making a sale. See which loyalty programs are your best performing and know which customers are your biggest spenders with RICS reporting capabilities.

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How to Choose the Right POS

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