Sporting Goods POS and Inventory

Does your sporting goods POS system truly help you win each season? Ours will.

Sporting goods retailers need a partner who helps them:

Sell More

Save Time

Increase Profit

We want your team to win big

Access to your store’s data in real-time allows you to make the right decisions quickly and do the most for your fast-paced business.

Our clients use their data to knock it out of the park with their clients

With RICS reporting, sporting goods retailers have all the right information to help you cut inventory costs, manage customer information, and create top-notch loyalty programs.

And they aren’t afraid to show their team spirit:

“They’re a great partner. They’re going to be accessible. The system is very easy to use and the reporting is very actionable … I just really sense that RICS is there to grow with your business.”

– Brian Jones, Playmakers

RICS can help your sporting goods store beat the competition.

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