Footwear POS And Inventory

Can your footwear POS system help you increase profits? Ours will.

Footwear retailers need more than software; you need a partner who can help you:

Sell More

Save Time

Increase Profit

We want your business to go places

Access to real-time data allows you to make decisions about your business quickly and accurately, ensuring your store’s best performance.

Our clients use their data to get a leg up on their competitors

RICS reporting provides all the right data for footwear retailers to turn insight into lower inventory costs, complete customer profiles, and awesome loyalty programs.

And clients think we’re the right fit:

“The Sales Analysis and Grid Analysis reports give us exactly what we need to do our ordering. It’s that easy.” [After switching to the newest version of RICS, the Fitted Foot has been growing an average of 10% each year.]

– Terry Nichalson, The Fitted Foot


Find out how you can get a leg up on your competition with RICS.

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