Boutique POS and Inventory

Does your boutique POS system help you buy smarter? Ours will.

Boutique Retailers Need a Partner Who Can Help:

Sell More

Save Time

Increase Profit

We’ll Help Your Business Stay Trendy

The ability to see your data in real-time will empower you to make smart, quick, and accurate business decisions. With our boutique POS and inventory system, you can be confident knowing your business is always performing at its best.

Our clients use their data to cramp their competitors’ style

The reporting capabilities within RICS offer easy-to-learn reports for any level of experience. You’ll have the right tools to assess your data and gain insight into your business’s performance. With the RICS boutique POS and inventory system, you’ll get the insight you need to lower your inventory costs, collect the right customer information, and build customer loyalty.

And clients think we fit like a glove:

“RICS really gives you the capability to increase profitability because you can closely monitor turns and other performance indicators.”

– Linda Shikany, Owner, Marigold Clothing

Check out a few features that make RICS the right fit for your boutique.

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