Data Anyone Can Understand and Use

Easy-to-learn reports for any level of experience

Cloud-hosted solution with 24/7 access to your data

Over 200 reports proven to help grow your business

Available consulting help for advanced training

Whether you’re a data novice, geek, or expert, RICS equips you with the knowledge and the tools to meet your business performance goals.

We’ll Teach You How to Use Your Data

We’ve refined the training process over the past 30 years to ensure you get the training you need to succeed with RICS. We’ve taken the time to create a reporting methodology that ensures retailers can be confident in getting consistent results. We’ll teach you everything we know about the essential reports you need to make all of your business decisions.

Access Your Store’s Data. Anytime, Anywhere.

Retailing is no longer just an in-store operation. In fact, you don’t have to be physically in the building to run (or grow) your business! Track sales data that matters to you – from long-term business trends, to salesperson performance – whenever you want, wherever you want.

Being able to access your data on the go enables you to:

Check-in on your store’s daily performance

Track what inventory is and isn’t selling

Review employee performance during the day

Reporting You Can Trust

Intuitive, flexible, and comprehensive, our reports use straightforward, easy-to-comprehend criteria, allowing you to find the data you need quickly and easily. We’ve perfected our reports over the past 30 years using thousands of retailers’ experiences. With over 200 reports, we’ve created a system that retailers are confident in and trust for consistent results!

Over 200 Report Types

Sales Analysis

Best Sellers

POS Summary

Inventory Detail

Salesperson Summary

Promotion Analysis

Daily Sales Recap

Sales by Month

Stock Status

Customer Analysis

Gift Card Activity

Frequent Buyer Summary

Time Clock Data

Special Orders Activity

Get the Exact Data You Need to Guide Your Decisions


We don’t expect you to know the ins and outs of managing your data without a little help. Our detailed reports are easy-to-understand and straightforward. And our team will train you on the reports you need to make business decisions!


Already familiar with managing inventory data? RICS offers over 200 different reports to help you use your own store’s benchmarks and sales data to predict demand, analyze performance, and take action to increase profits.


Do you consider yourself a data expert? If you’re a fan of manually manipulating data outside of reports, you may like our open API. It gives you the ability to pull out every bit of your data, so you can put it into the format you like best.

Want More? Watch our Mark Ups and Markdowns webinar.

Let Us Help Turn Insights into Profit

Retailers don’t have to be experts at analyzing their data. With RICS, you can learn to be smart and effective in your data analysis to make smart business decisions. For retailers who are interested in going above and beyond with their data analysis, we can help! We employ in-house consultants who are experts in inventory management and in using RICS to grow businesses. They can show you how to use your data to make smarter decisions about your buying, inventory, and selling strategies within RICS.

Data: Small Business Definitive Guide

Data can be intimidating. Our guide will indicate the data points you should be paying attention to.