Make Your Inventory Work For You

Assess inventory performance in real-time to improve turns and increase cash flow

Easily manage your inventory from 1 to 100+ store locations

Save time by automating buying for high-performing inventory

Inventory is your store’s largest asset, but it could be your worst expense. RICS enables you to execute a successful inventory management strategy by giving you visibility into your best and worst performers, products, classes, SKUs, brands, and more.

Be Smarter About Your Buying

Smart inventory management starts with a smart buying plan. Increase your profit margins by properly stocking your store with the right products, at the right time.

  • Analyze sales performance to determine market trends
  • Identify strong and weak performing products
  • Use seasonal data for effective demand planning
  • Forecast for your most profitable inventory

Find Your Winners and Get Rid of Your Losers

Your data, your way.

With RICS, you’re able to make 99% of decisions about your inventory by using two reports. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about using these reports, so you’re able to maximize your profits.

Fancy yourself a data geek? We have a library of over 200 reports that you can use to slice and dice your inventory data every which way. We don’t limit how you see your data, so you can dig in as much (or as little) as you’d like.

Interested in combing through every aspect of your data? With our open API, you have the ability to pull out every morsel of your inventory data. We were serious when we said your data, your way!

Want to you increase your margins and improve your cash flow?

Let RICS Make Your Life Easier

Save Time with Automated Purchase Orders

Save time by making the purchase order process automated for items you always want stocked and available for your customers.

Make More Money with Transfers Between Stores

Avoid unbalanced inventory, stock-outs, and slashed margins by transferring product to stores that can profitably sell it.

Track All Your Non-sellable Merchandise

Account for all items you can’t sell by marking them “non-sellable” within RICS, making your on-hand inventory as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

Inventory Management Best Practices

Learn how to manage your inventory by following these best practices.