Get the Most out of your Retail Data

Use integrated tools retailers trust

Suggest new integration opportunities

Connect to the RICS API to use your data

Partnerships You Can Count On

We’re selective in our partnerships to ensure they each add value to your RICS experience. That’s why we’ve connected RICS with reliable and trustworthy partners you can count on to grow your business. Our hand-picked integrations include Payment Gateways, Ecommerce, Gift and Loyalty, EDI, Open-to-Buy Consulting, and others.

We Want Your Integration Suggestions

RICS is already integrated with tools and services that’ll help your business perform at its best, however we understand you might have new ideas for integrations. If you have a suggestion for a new integration, we’re open to exploring it with your help. Implementing a new integration often doesn’t require custom development, but it does require a validation process to ensure the 3rd party adds value and is feasible using the RICS API.

Integration enablement process:


Client suggests an integration to RICS


RICS enables API access if the integration is purposeful and feasible


RICS provides acceptable API usage guidance to client and integrated third party


RICS monitors to ensure API guidelines are met

Use the RICS API

RICS has an API that your development team or partner can access to create custom integrations that connect RICS with the other apps and services you use. Our services team will work with your developers throughout enablement; however, we are unable to do the custom programming of the integration or adapter due to other development priorities. We are excited and ready to help you integrate RICS to meet your technology needs.

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