Tax Free Weekend 2017

See if your state is having a sales tax holiday so you are aware of what you can save on and prepare your retail store for the influx of shoppers. View

A to Z Inventory

Understanding all aspects of your inventory is essential to run a successful retail business. We have compiled a list, from A to Z, of everything you need to know about your inventory! View

Checklist for a New Inventory Management System

Are you aware of how you should be managing your inventory so you can be the most effective and profitable retailer? Check out the best ways to use your data, run your store, and monitor metrics so that you can get the most out of your business. View

POS and Inventory Control

Many people consider their POS their end-all-be-all of retail management. But the reality is, having a POS with inventory management capabilities (and using them) is the best way to make an impact on your business. View

How Onboarding Now will Help You Later

Switching your POS system may seem like a time-consuming process, especially when it’s a busy time of year, but the reality is making the switch now will help you reap the payoff benefits quicker! View

5 Steps to a New POS

Let’s be honest, choosing a new POS system isn’t fun. But you know what’s less fun? Dealing with a system that’s difficult to use and is losing money for your business. So if you’re thinking about switching, take a deep breath and start with these 5 steps. View

Get Ready for EMV

Retailers who accept credit cards will need to be ready for a new set of rules regarding payment security, starting in October 2015. EMV - which stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa - is the global standard for payment processing, and retailers will need to adapt their technology to comply with the new requirements in the U.S. View