Three Rivers Running

The Journey

The Challenge

Three Rivers Running, an Indiana-based running store, faced the challenge of providing great service to their expanding customer base with data software that they built themselves. The software worked great until their customer base swelled to over 2,000 and outgrew the software’s limited functionality.

As a specialty running store that focuses on customer retention, Three Rivers Running knows how important sales and inventory management are. Eric Ade, manager, says “If people are coming in the door and are unhappy with how we manage their account, they won’t be coming back in.” That’s why they switched to RICS.

The Solution

The store adopted a version of RICS in 2006, then upgraded to the latest version in 2009.

Since then, RICS has helped Three Rivers Running overcome many of the challenges associated with managing a running store, including inventory, sales and customer management.

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Day to Day Tactics

After converting to RICS, Eric and his staff were able to implement tasks to help improve their inventory, sales and customer management. They were able to:

  • Run daily reports to track sales, busiest hours and inventory.
  • Make real-time decisions to run their business at its best.
  • Split responsibilities between inventory management, apparel buying, and accessory buying.
  • Implement full-staff training on the POS.

The Results

Efficiently manage customer accounts

Implement a frequent buyer program

Track employee time quickly and efficiently

Motivate employees with monthly ranking reports

“Obviously we wouldn’t be able to do any of that [without RICS]. It’s quick, it’s easy”

— Eric Ade, Three Rivers Running Company

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