Running a Business and Supporting the Community

Brian Jones didn’t start out in retail. He started out as a runner.

Now, as a co-owner of Playmakers, Brian relies on the Sales Comparison, Sales Analysis, and Best Sellers reports in RICS to measure the store’s performance and make better decisions. Brian recommends RICS for the following reasons:

  1. They’re a great partner. They’re going to be accessible.
  2. The system is very easy to use.
  3. The reporting is very actionable.
  4. RICS is moving forward and consistently evolving.
  5. It gives you a lot of flexibility – you can keep in touch from a distance.
  6. I just really sense that RICS is there to grow with your business.
  7. RICS can service someone with a single store, to beyond.

“RICS has given us the tools to be better merchants. And we have to make sure we use those tools.”

– Brian Jones, Co-owner, Playmakers

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