Educational Outfitters

Reducing Inventory Spend by 40%

Vickey Wegener and her husband became franchise owners of an Educational Outfitters store in Lansing, Michigan, then opened a second location in Grand Rapids.

With two stores in two different cities, it became increasingly difficult to run her business, as she could only be in one place at a time. Vickey was also frustrated because she couldn’t keep track of her back orders with her old POS system. She became desperate for a new POS and explained to Educational Outfitters, “I’m switching with or without you.”

Her store in Lansing became one of the three pilot stores within Educational Outfitters to implement RICS Software. Using RICS, Vickey has decreased inventory spend by 40%.

“I know that the inventory is accurate when I am done. If the computer shows that we have it, then I know we have it”

– Vickey Wegener, Educational Outfitters

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