Case Studies

The Foot Performance Center

Learn how RICS has helped The Foot Performance Center overcome challenges related to managing their inventory and forecasting demand, so they have time to focus on building a loyal customer base. View

Three Rivers Running

RICS helped Three Rivers Running overcome many of the challenges associated with managing a running store, including inventory, sales and customer management. View


Playmakers doesn’t just sell athletic footwear and apparel—though they do, and do it well. The store serves as a community hub. RICS enables them to increase sales and manage inventory accuracy without sacrificing customer experience. View

Marigold Clothing

Learn how Linda uses RICS to construct a successful customer engagement strategy, utilizing reporting data to distribute promotional material, create coupons, and reward high-spending customers. View

The Fitted Foot

The Fitted Foot operates a business with three major components: Retail, Medical, and Factory Truck. Find out how they use RICS to accommodate these needs in this case study. View

Two Bostons

Growing his business and opening new stores was the catalyst for Andy to start looking for a new point of sale. He hacked together his own program to view his other stores' inventory, but it was far from perfect. He knew they needed a change. View

Halloween Express

Halloween Express needed its retail technology to accommodate a tricky eight-week selling season. Relying heavily on real-time data to make decisions, Halloween Express partnered with RICS to develop a successful POS solution. View