• The Retail Landscape is Changing: That’s Exactly Why I Joined RICS

  • September 18, 2017

(Thomas Faulkner (left) had previously worked at The Athletic Annex in Indianapolis. He now uses his retail background to support RICS customers!)

I started using RICS in 2010 while working at a running specialty store in Indianapolis.

I had been using an outdated program, which I’m convinced pre-dated DOS. So it goes without saying that RICS was a welcomed change.

My First Impression


I can modify my reporting to get the data that I really want. No more rummaging through irrelevant information. It lets me gather better data about my customers and their buying patterns! The POS is clean and easy to use and it works quickly and accurately!

I had no idea what I had been missing.


After years of using RICS as a customer, I decided to take my talents to Fishers, IN.

I joined the RICS Software team to take the skills I gained as a user and retailer to support others grow their business.

I’m excited to be a part of a team that cares about the customer experience. We are constantly pushing to make the software and the experience with RICS even better.

The landscape of retail is changing. But one certainty is that consumers are always looking for innovation and convenience.

Both of which they will find with RICS Software.

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About Thomas Faulkner

Thomas comes from a retail background. Before working as a Support Consultant at RICS, he worked for The Athletic Annex, a specialty running store in Indianapolis. In his free time he enjoys running, carpentry, and reading books.