• Brick and Mortar is Here to Stay: I’ve Joined RICS to Help Retailers Adapt

  • February 8, 2018

I started my career in retail as a footwear buyer at Footaction. Since then I’ve held multiple roles at brands like Reebok and Mizuno. I’ve lead teams through growth-focused strategies and gained a better understanding of the brick and mortar retail. 30+ years in the retail industry have taught me a lot about where retail is headed.

I’ve seen the future.

Brick and mortar is here to stay, but it’s also evolving, and technology is more important than ever.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve joined RICS as their VP of Client Success, where I’ll be joining a team focused on helping retailer’s face the changes in retail and providing them with the right tools to make more money.


Yes, our industry is changing.

We see the news stories focused on the “retail apocalypse”. There is a lot of fear and hesitation out there. But, I assure you, there’s no need to panic.

I firmly believe that brick and mortar is here to stay — it’s evolving.

How so? E-commerce. It shows no signs of slowing and it influences how our customers shop and access information. This means storefront retail is responding with new and innovative concepts and leaning heavily on personalization and connectivity across all channels such as in-store events, personalized discounts and sellable inventory

To do these two things and respond to retail’s evolution, you must rely heavily on integrated, trustworthy technology.

The RICS Vision

As a retailer and wholesaler, I recognized RICS as the POS and Inventory Management provider responding to retail’s evolution. So, I contacted Jason Becker (CEO of RICS Software).

We talked extensively about the opportunity to improve inventory management among specialty retailers and the how RICS could provide education and partnership through in our market through a “client first” approach.

We brainstormed about the potential for a client success strategy to engage retailers throughout their entire experience with RICS (i.e., from first initial contact through renewal).

And now I get to be a part of that. I’m proud to have joined RICS as the VP of Client Success. I’ll be building a team of retail and systems experts dedicated to assisting our clients to understand and navigate this new marketplace.

We will provide access to additional training and consultation to address the problems listed above. In short, we’re going to help our clients make more money and save time.

I’m not going to claim that I’m making the world a better place because that’s a bit far-fetched. I do believe that RICS is on a path to creating a connected technology helping retailers grow.

Looking forward

Challenges are common to all our clients, from unsold inventory, bad systems, cash flow concerns, to not enough time in the day to achieve a work-life balance.

So now I’m here, building a stronger partnership between retailers and RICS.

Our RICS Client Success team will work with yours to identify your issues. We’ll help you develop goals and put you on the path to achieve them by providing ongoing education and support throughout your retail journey.

We are on a mission to respond to the changes in retail and help you create sustainable growth and success as a result.

Want to join us?

Learn why hundreds of retailers use RICS to grow

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About Geoff Tease

Geoff comes to the Client Success world with lots of retail experience, which is code for he is older than most of us. He is a long-time Red Sox fan who has never lived in New England. When he’s not working with clients creating business success solutions, you can find him at the theater with his wife watching the latest horror movie or at the gym searching for the next pickup game.