• A “Vintage” POS Doesn’t Make You A Hipster

  • August 14, 2017
Hipster man with beard

You may be a hipster if you have a man bun, your go to shoes consist of Doc Martens or Keds, you shop at Whole Foods and find yourself constantly saying things like “their old albums were better”.

However, when it comes to your retail store’s technology, installed software isn’t “vintage” or trendy. Here’s why retailers need to get with the times and make a move to a cloud based POS software.


Hardware: Installed POS comes with costly in-store servers and expensive IT costs.

Pricing: Expensive implementation costs and updates are not included.

Usability: Data is only accessible in-store and data is not updated in real-time.

Hardware: Cloud-hosted and web-accessible with installed POS for offline processing.

Pricing: Susbscription-based pricing is transparent and all-inclusive. No hidden fees means you’ll never be billed for updates, support
costs, or education.

Usability: Cloud-based means you can access your data from any device anywhere at any time.

Bonus: Unlike most of our competitors, RICS offers a product that is made, tested, sold, and supported
in-house. You’ll always have access to the minds behind the product.

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