• Customer Spotlight: Vince Canning Shoes and Tootsies Shoes

  • July 12, 2017
Vince Canning shoes store

“Information is money. If you have information, then you can use it to improve your business and increase profit.”

– Mark Denkler, Vince Canning Shoes and Tootsies Delray Beach


Data is a key ingredient for the success of your business. But, data doesn’t mean anything until you can analyze it and understand what it’s telling you.

If your technology can’t help compile, store, analyze, and report on your data, it could be detrimental toward growing your business.

Mark and LaRonda Denkler from Vince Canning Shoes and Tootsies Delray Beach experienced this before switching to RICS. It wasn’t until a vendor came to them, excited about how well their brand was doing, that Mark realized they lacked true insight on product performance. They had thought that specific brand wasn’t selling well until the vendor told them otherwise!

Background on Vince Canning Shoes and Tootsies Shoes


Located in Delray Beach, FL, Vince Canning Shoes opened in 1952. Their business has been passed down three generations. Mark Denkler and his wife, LaRonda, bought the store from his uncle and have now been working in the footwear industry for over 20 years! Vince Canning Shoes became a partner with RICS in 2003.

The Denklers chose to switch to RICS after their current system went out of business.

“Time was the main focus…we needed an efficient solution to get business done,” recalls Mark.

When they bought Tootsies, across the street from Vince Canning Shoes, the store didn’t have a retail management system in place. They choose to implement RICS because, without it, they lacked insight into how their products were performing.

Why RICS Software?


Before using RICS, Mark explains “you don’t know what’s selling; you have your daily recaps and look at the inventory wall.” Without inventory data, they didn’t have enough information to know how the business was really doing.

After implementing RICS, they accessed important metrics like turns, gross profit margin, ROI, etc. This insight showed them inventory trends right away.

Mark from Vince Canning Shoes and Tootsies Delray Beach recognizes RICS has greatly improved their business.

“[RICS] allows us to do our buying better. We had no idea we were missing sales. Now, we know we have the information to make a sale,” says Mark.


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