• Training for the Marathon

  • July 5, 2017

Training for a marathon or any kind of race takes preparation. You need to know the date of the race and work backward to develop your training schedule. You will determine running milestones before the race to prepare your body, schedule conditioning and rest days to improve endurance and speed and develop a nutrition plan to properly fuel your body. The more you prepare in advance, the more successful you will be at completing the marathon and setting a new personal record.

The same is true when onboarding to a new Inventory Management and POS system. It is not an overnight decision or switch; it should be a thought out and planned process to give you the tools you need to successfully use the new system. The transition plan should include milestones, schedules, and training along the way.

Once in the onboarding process at RICS, Vicki, Casey and our Onboarding team will help:

  • Establish a plan with milestones from saying yes to going live
  • Migrate and organizing your data
  • Advise you on managing your data going forward
  • Prepare you to use RICS through hands-on training sessions
  • Help you train your employees to be confident users
  • Be available during go live to ensure everything is running smoothly

After you are ringing sales on RICS, there is a dedicated Support Team to answer questions, educate you on various aspects of the system and continue to guide you on the system. They are available 12 hours a day, every day.
Using an Inventory Management system is not a sprint – it is a marathon. It takes preparation, thought and dedication in order to use the system most effectively and be able to increase profits while reducing inventory. If you would like to learn more about the RICS team contact us at sales@ricssoftware.com or click here to schedule a meeting.

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