• Three Ways to Use Your Social Media Channels to Promote In-Store Events

  • November 16, 2016

With repeat customers spending between 60-70% more than one-time shoppers, it’s becoming increasingly important to create an experience that makes customers want to return to your store. One way many retailers are attracting more foot traffic is by hosting in-store events that offer product previews, education, and customer appreciation nights. In-store events can act as a reward to customers or as a chance to educate customers on certain aspects of your products.

But how do you create buzz around these events and encourage customers to attend? Check out how you can use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get customers excited about events.

Twitter: Create an event hashtag to live tweet during events. Hashtags are a great way to not only generate buzz about events but also to get customers involved in promoting your brand. Tweets in a feed won’t last long, but a hashtag can collect all of the tweets for your followers to see. This can help you encourage customers who didn’t attend to check out some of your events in the future.

Facebook: Go out on a limb and live stream parts of your event on Facebook. This new feature allows you to give your customers live access to education and product previews as they are happening. You can show customers what your events include and generate excitement for them to attend future events. You can also preview your event live to your followers in the days leading up to the event to encourage your customers to attend.

Instagram: Preview giveaways on Instagram. You can use Instagram stories and your Instagram feed to share the products and services you plan to give away at your next event. Encourage customers to attend for a chance to enter to win one of your giveaways. Instagram is a great way to showcase items in your store, whether they are new items or as part of a promotion.

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