• FN Platform, Brands & Buying: Tips from Schuler Shoes’ Marie Vidger

  • February 9, 2018

FN Platform is a huge semi-annual event in Las Vegas. It attracts thousands of retail industry professionals from all over the world. It can also be overwhelming for a first-time attendee.

For the team at Schuler Shoes, who’ve been attending for more than 10 years, FN Platform is just one stop in their busy buying journey.

Marie Vidger, VP of Merchandising at Schuler Shoes, was kind enough to share with us her thoughts on the titanic tradeshow that is FN Platform. For starters, she’s looking forward to warmer temperatures (in February, weather in Las Vegas > Minnesota)…

Whether you’re attending FN Platform 2018 or not, check out Marie’s tradeshow tips for retailers…

What are you looking forward to most at this year’s FN Platform show?


Marie is just one of eight representing Schuler Shoes at FN Platform this year. Why so many? They’re on a mission, and they need the bandwidth.

Is buying your biggest priority at FN Platform?


Whether you’re doing all your buying at FN Platform or not, we recommend following Marie’s playbook. Prepare for your vendor meetings by reviewing their products’ performance in your store. Bring that data to each meeting.

#RICSretailers – We recommend your Best Sellers Report as well as a Sales Analysis Report.

Data-driven buying decisions can help you make more money. In the past five years, Schuler Shoes has increased (YOY)

  • Sales by quantity 44%
  • Sales by total 56%
  • Profit 56%
  • ROI 19.4%
  • Turns 21%

What tips can you share with those attending FN Platform for the first time?


Take photos. Take your time.

If you’d like to say hello at FN Platform February 2018, swing by RICS booth #82501. Look for us by the stairs, near the In Play Lounge.

How do tradeshows like FN Platform help you with your brands relationships?


Prepare for your brand conversations with FN Platform’s 2018 Brand Book. Check it out here!

Need more?

Check out these 5 Tips to Prepare for FN Platform.

To learn more at FN Platform February 2018, find us at BOOTH #82501. We’re looking forward to connecting with you!

Thanks to Marie and the team at Schuler Shoes for being such an awesome #RICSretailer!

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