• Retail Enemies Webinar Series: Announcing our first topic!

  • January 9, 2018
The Retail Enemies Series

Last week, we announced our new year’s resolution: help confront the biggest enemies facing today’s retailers.

In the past, we developed educational content by sitting in a room brainstorming topics we thought mattered to retailers. Now we realize this process is ineffective. In order to address retailers’ needs, we need to go directly to them.

So, Brett wrote a blog asking for retail topic ideas to collect feedback on the main problems retailers face day-to-day.

Our favorite response: “What took you so long?!”

The responses we gathered have inspired the Retail Enemies Series. And I strongly believe that this will be our best educational series yet! So, thank you for your feedback.

I’m excited to announce the first Retail Enemies webinar topic. Join us on January 24th @ 2 PM ET for Make More Money: Turn Your Buyer Into a Strategic Investor.

What You’ll Learn

77% of the responses we received focused on inventory issues.

Not surprising, considering that most stores carry 2-3x more inventory than they should. A lack of training might be preventing you or your buyer from making the best investment decisions. The January 24th webinar will address the question: what is the best way to use your data to create a buying strategy and maintain the right assortment of products?

Now it’s time to take action and we’ll help along the way. You’ll learn exactly how to restore confidence in your inventory and in your staff.

Jimmy Richburg, Client Success Director @ RICS, will present our 3-step, smart buying strategy for making more money. With 4+ years of inventory management experience, Jimmy knows a thing or two about investing confidentially in inventory.

Our surprise guest (we will announce them Jan. 16th) will talk buying strategy and other details of his inventory investment experience. You’ll learn how his team has increased inventory turns by 12.5% and ROI by 19.5% in just 3 years!

If you can’t attend, register anyway! We’ll follow up by sending out a recording of the webinar.

Don’t miss the Webinar!

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