• 7 Reasons Your Western Store Needs a POS Software

  • August 11, 2017

You sell a wide selection of western wear, work wear, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, jeans and more. With all of these moving pieces, speed matters. An easy-to-use point of sale (POS) with inventory management capabilities and robust reporting will help you work faster and smarter, not harder.


Create a personalized experience for your shoppers by storing their information in your POS. When they make their first purchase, collect all basic information and  other interesting tidbits you learned while assisting them. This will ensure that the next time they come in to your store, you can ask how they are liking their new cowboy boots or how their kids are doing. Every detail about a client you can collect will only help you deliver a more tailored experience to your customers.


The fit of a boot is different than traditional footwear—they’re designed to be snug, but comfortable. Because some customers will need to order specific boots based on their instep, desired top lift, and foot length, you will not consistently have a boot to fit their unique needs in available on-hand inventory. With RICS, you can easily process special orders. For example, if you have determined a great fit for your customer but you don’t have it in their desired color, you will need to special order them a pair.


When working with a POS and inventory management system, you want to be able to create processes that save you time. Use your inventory data to forecast sales so you can order products accordingly, ensuring you’ll always have the right products at the right time for your customers. With RICS, you can automate purchase orders for your most popular products.


Multi-store owners can easily transfer and track your shoes and other inventory between stores. When you don’t have a specific pair of boots at one location, you can still meet your customer’s needs by having them transferred to that store from another store. Being able to buy from yourself first is ideal for redistributing inventory that already belongs to your business where it is needed most.


Knowing how your inventory is selling and what you need to buy more of in the future will help you meet demand and be a profitable retailer. The ability to analyze your sales and run reports to know your best and worst sellers will give you a huge advantage when it comes to your buying strategy.


See which of your sales associates are selling the most inventory. Use RICS Reporting to understand which of your employees might need extra sales training. The more invested your employees are in your Western store, the more they will sell!


Know which customers are your most frequent buyers and reward them. Offering loyalty or frequent buyer programs is a win-win situation. You are satisfying your customer and making a sale. See which loyalty programs are your best performing and know which customers are your biggest spenders with RICS Reporting.

Want to learn more about choosing a POS? Download RICS’ guide to learn what you should look for in a retail technology provider so you can choose a POS that works best for you.

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