• Make More Money: Turn Your Buyer Into a Strategic Investor

  • January 16, 2018
Make More Money

Make More Money: Turn Your Buyer Into a Strategic Investor
January 24, 2018 @ 2:00 pm ET

Our new year’s resolution is to help confront retail’s biggest problems.

RICS new Retail Enemies Series will offer a variety of educational content, aimed at helping retailers conquer their enemies and make more money. The first webinar, Make More Money: Turn Your Buyer Into a Strategic Investor, will take place on Jan 24th @ 2 pm ET.

Here’s what to expect…

This webinar will address 2 retail enemies:

#1 People

Your buyer is passionate about your industry. But is he/she equally passionate about your bottom line? A buyer without a strategy can be dangerous. But between staff turnover and training, achieving buyer accountability may feel impossible. We’ll help you restore confidence in your buyer with 3 easy steps!

#2 Unsold Inventory

Whether you’ve got too much, too little, or inaccurate inventory, a smart buying strategy can put you back on the path to profit. Re-training and ongoing engagement will empower your buyer to consistently make data-driven purchasing decisions.

Meet the hosts for the webinar:


Jimmy Richburg
Client Success Director

Jimmy will present our 3-step, smart buying strategy for making more money. With 4+ years of inventory management experience, Jimmy knows a thing or two about investing confidentially in inventory.


Nicholas Stanko
Ann Arbor Running Co.

Nicholas will share Ann Arbor Running Co’s buying strategy and other details of his inventory investment experience. You’ll learn how the team at Ann Arbor Running Co has increased inventory turns by 12.5% and ROI by 19.5% in just 3 years!

So, what’s the best way to use your data to create a buying strategy and maintain the right assortment of products? Register to find out.

Explore the buying strategy that helped Ann Arbor Running Co boost profit over 90% in 3 years.

PS. Even if you can’t attend, register anyway! We’ll follow up by sending out a recording of the webinar.

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