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  • July 28, 2017
Online shopping

While in-store spending remains steady, most retail growth is coming from online sales. We’ve seen huge online shopping days this year, with Cyber Monday hitting its biggest spending day at $3.45 billion. Want to beat online retail stores? The key is to create an in-store experience that your customers can’t find online shopping.

The integration between RICS and the Aetrex Scanning Technology allows you to seamlessly create advanced customer profiles to deliver an in-store experience that shoppers won’t find online or anywhere else.


Aextrex enables retailers to quickly collect customers’ arch type, foot size, and pressure points to help you identify the right footwear needs for each of your customers. Together, RICS and Aetrex allow you to deliver a more personalized shopping experience using this data to create loyal customers.


1. Collect customer information right at the machine

2. Create a personalized foot profile for customers

3. Transfer customer information directly to RICS


With  Aetrex’s iStep technology, you collect customer information that can be directly transferred to RICS. This allows you to create a personalized experience for customers in-store and in any external marketing.

1. Customers enter their information into the system

2. Customer steps on the device

3. Device looks up customer and scans foot

4. Screen shows scan results and customer is created or updated in RICS

5. The data collected from Aetrex is transferred to RICS and associated with name, email, and phone number of your customer.


To learn more about using your in-store data to deliver an in-store experience to beat online retail stores with our free webinar.Watch the webinar

This webinar features Matt Schwartz (Aetrex, Co-Founder) and Jason Becker (RICS, CEO). They discuss how successful retailers can use their data to create memorable in-person experience that will make shoppers loyal customers.

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