• Webinar Series for Retailers

  • July 19, 2017

The retail landscape is changing – don’t get left behind.

To be a successful retailer, you must commit to understanding your inventory. According to RMSA’s Senior VP of Client Services, Paul Erickson, savvy retailers have “a thorough understanding of how to actively manage inventory”. So, How can you use data to better manage inventory and turn more profits?

Reserve your seat for RICS & RMSA’s Webinar Series for Retailers focused on strategies you can use to manage your inventory and grow your business.

“Retailers need to understand the strategies discussed in this webinar series because the very best independent retailers have an ongoing commitment to learning and growth. They recognize that there is always room for developing new skills and refining others.” – Paul Erickson, RMSA Senior VP of Client Services

What takeaways can you expect from this series?

– A Strategic Plan for your inventory investment to increase cash flow, profits and sales

– A breakdown of key metrics like inventory turnover, GMROI, Open-To-Buy planning

– Actionable steps to take these concepts from abstract to a working merchandising strategy

Webinar #1: Open-To-Buy: Where Better Inventory Management Begins

If you’re ineffectively managing inventory, you could see excess inventory which means decreased margins and potentially negative cash flow. Join Senior Vice President of Client Services at RMSA and retail expert, Paul Erickson, on July 25th at 2 pm EST for a discussion about open-to-buy, a financial strategy that helps retailers focus on accurate forecasting and selling strategies to help increase profits.

Webinar #2: Making Your Inventory Work for You

As a business owner, you’re constantly checking your bottom line. On August 24th at 2 pm EST join Senior Vice President of Client Services at RMSA and retail expert, Paul Erickson, to learn the specific techniques recommended to control your inventory, increase your margins, improve your cash flow and increase your bottom line.

Webinar #3: Increase Cash Flow Now

To make agile, real-time business decisions making you more money, you must examine your data on a regular basis and adapt to what it’s telling you. On September 21st at 2 pm EST join Senior Vice President of Client Services at RMSA and retail expert, Paul Erickson, as he goes through the step by step to improve your cash flow and increase top line sales.


Want to learn more about the webinars or sign up for the series? Visit our website here.






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