• Don’t go unsupported! It will cost you.

  • September 21, 2017

Do you have an unsupported POS? Are you paying extra for support?

It’s important to provide a positive customer experience. Unfortunately, some recent changes within the retail technology industry have left many retailers unsatisfied with the support services of their POS solution.

Whether your POS system is unsupported or simply too costly to support, you have a choice to make:

With RICS, you’ll always be up to date. You’ll always be supported. For no additional cost. RICS evolves with your needs!

#1 Source an alternative POS solution.

Begin your transition ASAP to avoid the fees associated with extended support and an annual maintenance agreement!

RICS makes transitioning easy. Each year, we help 350+ retailers transition to RICS, often within 60 days. Thorough staff training, as well as phone and email support 7 days a week from 9AM to 9PM, have helped RICS Support Team achieve a 97% Customer Satisfaction rating!


“We looked at the returns on [our previous solution]. Being able to use it in a productive manner as well as the support for using it in a productive manner. That’s how we found RICS.

RICS is more intuitive. There’s already support. And it doesn’t cost extra!”

– Eric Ott, Geneva Running Outfitters


#2 Stay and pay for support.

Fair warning: POS support can cost as much as 18% of your initial license.

Maybe one day you’ll benefit from a RICS partnership built on service. Until then, you can always enjoy our resources!


“The value of RICS is undoubtable. RICS provides education content and has proven to be receptive of our ideas. We like working with people that want to see us succeed.”

– Eric Ott, Geneva Running Outfitters


With RICS, you’ll always be up to date. You’ll always be supported. For no additional cost. RICS evolves with your needs!

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About Casey McManemy

As Customer Marketing Manager, Casey is focused on expanding customer value and enabling the RICS retail community. After graduating from DePauw University (’11), Casey moved to Paris, France, where she began her career in marketing. Since her return stateside, Casey has resided in Indianapolis, IN. When she’s not rallying advocates, Casey is busy being a landlord and obsessing over her German Shorthaired Pointer, Ruger.