• 7 Signs Your Current POS is Preventing Business Growth

  • August 16, 2017
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Your point of sale (POS) and inventory management solution should help you stay competitive in today’s retail landscape. If your technology partner doesn’t understand your unique needs and functionality requirements, your current POS could be preventing your business’ growth.

Here are 7 red flags to watch out for:

1. You use old fashioned pen and paper.

Not having a technology provider is preventing you from achieving business growth. By implementing a POS and inventory management software, you can save time by automating manual labor, sell more using insights learn from inventory data, and increase your cash flow.

If you’re evaluating a POS, check out our free guide, How to Choose a POS.

2. You don’t have access to the right data.

You’re not a cupcake shop, so why would your store use a POS that was built for one? You need a system that was created with you in mind. This means having access to data relevant to the products you sell and your store’s needs.

3. Your data doesn’t update in real time.

If your data is only accessible in-store and is not updated in real time, your POS is out of date. Solutions with real-time data allow you to execute a smart buying and selling strategy on the go. You can access your data from any device, anywhere, anytime.

4. You’re unsupported or pay for support as an add-on.

When your POS isn’t working or you don’t know how to accomplish something, you need support. But with an outdated solution, you’re faced with taking the time to figure out the problem on your own or calling support and getting hit with a support fee.

Customers of modern solutions like RICS have access to unlimited support daily. Customers can also take advantage of on-site training and consultation. This is all included when you sign up!

5. Updating your software costs more money.

You paid for your POS, but now the provider has come up with a newer version and expects you to purchase it again. Retail and technology are constantly changing, so don’t get trapped with an old solution. It’s important to find a provider that evolves with you. With a subscription-based solution like RICS you’ll never have to pay for an upgrade again! Support and product updates are included so your software will always be up to date.

6. You can’t easily track your multi-store inventory in one place.

When you’re managing more than one store, it can be difficult to stay on top of how your inventory is doing across locations. Optimizing your inventory for each store and for your business as a whole is an important part of creating a business model that makes you money. RICS allows you to see real-time on-hand inventory data, enabling you to transfer underperforming inventory to stores where it will sell more. You can also use models and rules to automatically generate pick lists for inventory transfers between stores.

7. You can’t automate buying for high-performing inventory.

Time is money and buying takes time. You can save more time and invest it in business growth with automated buying. RICS allows you to define models and rules that set minimum and maximum desired on-hand inventory quantities to automatically generate purchase orders.

As mentioned above, POS and inventory management solution should help you stay competitive in today’s retail landscape. Don’t get stuck in an out-of-date solution that prevents your business’ growth

For more tips on How To Choose a POS that helps with business growth, download our free guide.


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